The food and agribusiness market is undergoing a period of major, rapid change as we seek a more efficient and environmentally-sensitive approach to creating sustainable supply chains for future generations. Our experienced consultants and in-house researchers use their deep knowledge of the industry to help clients, ranging from agri cooperatives to major agri input businesses to FoodTech startups, find their future leaders and high performers.

To meet the increasing demand for diversified and forward-thinking individuals able to bring added value to the organisations they join, we maintain a large, global network of rising and established talent in agriculture, seeds, crop protection, smart farming, animal health and nutrition, additives and ingredients, equipment and FMCG. Our consultants also benefit from the expertise and reach of our wider industrial and life sciences divisions, helping them attract entrepreneurial business leaders and product innovators from other commercial sectors.

Assembling a bespoke team to tackle each new assignment, we accompany our clients from farm to fork, assisting with complex, cross-border search strategies covering EMEA, Americas and APAC. We take the time to understand your business and its challenges, personalising our service to help you find and secure impactful individuals to drive efficiency, spur innovation and adapt to change on a global scale.

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