It’s been a big six months at Carmichael Fisher. We place a strong focus on internally progressing key leaders within the business, as well as making strides to boost diversity and inclusion both within our own corporation, and alongside our clients – Carmichael Fisher has had a lot to say. With that in mind, take a quick look at some of the media coverage and expert opinion pieces we have secured from January to July 2019.


Hunt Scanlon (USA): Sam Wallace Appointment

A top priority for Carmichael Fisher in 2019 is expansion in the United States. The appointment of Sam Wallace, our Global Head of Practice was a giant step for us. Based in Los Angeles, Sam will lead development in the technology sector, building on her impressive experience – particularly within the North American market. The tech sector in America is growing hard and fast – quickly becoming one of the most competitive markets in the world.

Also featured in: Recruitment International


London Loves Business – Tarquin Bennett-Coles Appointment

Continuing with expansion, we were pleased to announce and welcome back Tarquin Bennett-Coles as principal consultant in our Life Sciences division. Having specialised in Life Sciences for the entirety of his 18-year career, he hopes to build up the specialism further. As Britain heads towards leaving the EU, Tarquin’s focus is intensely set on the ‘Big Pharma’ sector, helping support key players who are undergoing expansion or change.

Also featured in: Recruitment International, Recruitment Buzz and Recruiter


Economia – Gender Pay Gap Reporting: One Year On

One year on from the highly publicised gender pay gap reveal, corporations have time to reflect on their progress and outline new goals and benchmarks for the year ahead. Economia spoke to our Group Managing Director Anke Janssen, and she discussed the benefits in terms of candidate attraction, that strong attention to rectifying your gender pay gap imbalance can have during a more difficult time to hire.


Computer Weekly – Employee activism: How staff revolts are shaking up the IT recruitment landscape

Silicon Valley may be the centre of excellence for innovation, but it’s certainly no stranger to social pressures – causing employees to speak out and protest. Global Head of Practice Sam Wallace spoke to Computer Weekly around how companies can effectively deal with scandal, and how strong emphasis on employer values are vital to maintain your attraction power.


Railway Gazette – Addressing the recruitment headache in the rail sector

The rail sector has been accused of having a demographic problem, and with 55 per cent of all rail workers being over 50 year’s old, it’s not hard to see where this feeling comes from. Our Principle of Transportation and Infrastructure Bob Caton knows this first-hand, having worked in senior positions for some big names in rail. He provided his in-depth and consolidated opinion on how businesses can overcome the skills crisis and attract the younger generation to this career.

This piece is available in print


Personnel Today – What’s driving HR outsourcing?

This piece was part of a wider report on HR, their day-to-day responsibilities and how more and more aspects of the role are being outsourced over time. I had the chance to discus how recruitment and hiring are the greatest time consumers for HR professionals. It’s also becoming more and more difficult to hire due to talent shortages. I tried to outline the role of hiring professionals and executive search consultants to support and aid HR with this, as many begin to outsource the function.


World Finance – Internal vs external hiring

 Following Wells Fargo’s decision to only pursue external candidates for a chief executive position, the finance world decided to talk about the pros and cons of external hiring – and whether solely relying on this could work. World Finance spoke to our Director of Banking and Financial Services, Paul Twine. Paul emphasised at length the pros and cons specifically of bringing a new CEO on board. Branding external hiring a high-risk, high-reward pursuit, he goes into detail on how a fresh pair of eyes could be key for attracting talent throughout the whole corporation.

We’re always happy to chat about the hot-button issues affecting the industries we work in. Get in touch with us here.

By Owain Wood, Head of Marketing

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Owain Wood

Head of Marketing

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