The video games industry can be a tough environment characterized by dynamic changes and often a lack of transparency which can put employees in a tough spot as companies struggle to adapt.

Carmichael Fisher Executive Search’s Sam Wallace and Jeffrey Lujan from The Game Group to talk to Joseph Kim about 2 very important topics:

1) What can you do as an employee to help prepare for transitions and be better protected against companies that may be struggling

2) How should you deal with work situations that you may not be happy with and how and when should you best optimize leaving your company


  • 2:40 How worried should employees be about layoffs? How do you protect yourself?
  • 5:12 How proactive should you be about looking for other opportunities?
  • 8:03 What should expectations be for severance?
  • 14:00 What specific things can you do if you are worried about your job?
  • 26:00 What are the different kinds of recruitment services? How do they get in touch with you?
  • 48:50 What should you do if you aren’t a good fit for your job or unhappy?
  • 54:16 If displaced from your job, how should you Talk about it externally?

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